Module 4 – Analysis of Financial Market and use of Statistical tool

Dr. Kavita Laghate
Professor, Jamnalal Bajaj Institute of Management Studies
AREA OF SPECIALIZATION: Statistics and Quantitative Methods

Marketing is no longer just one of the verticals in an organization, it is integrated to all aspects of business from conceptualization of Vision and Mission statements to preparedness and presentation of annual financial results.

It needs application of Mathematics and Statistics. This module endures to include Marketing management techniques and application of Statistical tools for understanding and analyzing Financial Services Sector.

  1. Overview of Financial Markets
  2. Impact of Regulation on Financial Services
  3. Creating, Delivering and Communicating value to Customers
  4. Digitization and E-commerce of Financial Services
  5. Ethics and Long term Sustainability
  6. Use of Statistical tools for Market Analysis of Financial Services