Module 4 – Application of statistical tools in finance

  • Application of statistical tools in finance
  • Fundamentals: Averages (Mean, Median, Range, Mode)
  • Measurements: Quartiles, Quintiles, Deciles and Percentiles
  • Measures of Dispersion: Variance, Standard Deviation, Semi-variance, Semi-deviation,
    Chebyshev’s Inequality, Coefficient of Variance, Sharpe Ratio
  • Symmetry and Skewness in Return Distribution
  • Kurtosis in Return Distributions
  • Using Geometric and Arithmetic Means
  • Linear Models, Time series models
  • Customizing plots, Mathematical annotations, RGL:3D visualization in R using OpenGL


  1. Kavita Laghate
  2. Chitra chandrasekhar
  3. Sangeeta Pandit