Electronics Engineering

  1. Front End VLSI Design and Verification
  2. Back End VLSI Design
  3. Electronic Product Design
  4. Advanced Instrumentation
  5. DSP, Power Electronics and Control
  6. Antennas and Networking

Electronics and Telecommunication Engineering

  1. Cyber-Physical and Embedded Systems
  2. Simulation and Modeling
  3. Networking and Security
  4. Multimedia Communication Systems
  5. Advances in Antenna
  6. Telecommunication Engineering Practices

Computer Engineering

  1. Expert System Design and Development
  2. CGI Scripting and Text Processing
  3. Multimedia and Web Designing
  4. Internet of Things
  5. IT Infrastructure, Systems and Security
  6. Big Data Analytics and Applications

Information Technology

  1. Web Designing
  2. Game Designing And Deployment
  3. Network and IT Infrastructure Security
  4. Social Media Analysis
  5. Coding Skill
  6. Banking And Finance
  7. Quantitative Trading & Financial Analysis


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