Expert System Design and Development

This course provides a concise introduction to the fundamental concepts in Expert system design and development, using various Artificial Intelligence tools like Neural Network, Fuzzy Logic , Machine learning and deep learning algorithms. This course is designed to deliver the need of the Industry and research services for any specific problem statement. As we know, applied mathematics involves mathematical modelling , numerical analysis and operation research. These mathematical concepts underlie the study of machine learning, analysis of algorithms, Computer architecture and other important aspects of data science. Training in these courses will help learners implement these concepts and solve different real world problems. Most of the recent applications can easily adapt mathematics to train the system as per expectations. There is a rising need to apply Artificial Intelligence enabled Expert systems approach to easily complete tasks.

As an Engineer, these concepts can be applied to build expert systems for Crop Yield prediction, disease diagnosis, real time monitoring of various objects, forecasting, Search Engine with Meta Data, IC fault detection, chip level diagnosis, Model for GPS enabled controller, Satellite positioning system, Business Intelligence Model for Banking, Finance and Industry operations, control system design and smart robots for automobile industry etc.

As seen above this concept is helpful in every engineering field. Hence Engineering professionals should have working knowledge of these tools and techniques.

This will be an intensive 40 hour training course that will involve the design and development of Expert systems. This course will involve mini-projects and one main course project.
This course has a total of six modules divided into various sub-modules.

Probability, Statistics, Applied Mathematics

Industries where this course will be useful
Several Companies in the world are recruiting data scientists and analysts with knowledge and skill of Artificial enabled machine learning tools and techniques.

Course Outcomes

  1. Ability to design expert system using AI tools.
  2. Ability to design and develop expert system using Neural Networks
  3. Ability to design and develop expert system using Machine Learning.
  4. Ability to design and develop expert system using Fuzzy Logic.
  5. Ability to design and develop expert system using Deep Learning.
  6. Ability to design and develop Hybrid expert system for real world problems.