Quantitative Trading & Financial Analysis

About the course
This course will cover the basics on quantitative trading and will give you an overview of
how to build rule-based trading strategies. It will also introduce you to different styles used
by participants in financial markets .This training will be an intensive 40 hours course that
will involve learning about technical analysis, options trading, financial analysis and building
your own trading system.

Basic knowledge of python and good analytical skills

Industries where this course will be useful
Financial service companies, Derivatives Trading, Quant and Equity Research

Course 1 : Technical Analysis

  • What is Technical Analysis and how it is different from Fundamental Analysis
  • Classic Chart Patterns and Indicators
  • Moving Averages and how to use them to ride the trend ?
  • Position Sizing and Money Management Techniques
  • Case Study/Games

Course 2 : Options Trading

  • Basics of Options Trading and how are options different from Stocks ?
  • Option Greeks and how they affect option pricing
  • Option Strategies for different market conditions
  • How to protect your portfolio when markets are falling
  • Case Studies/Quiz

Course 3 : Building a Trading System

  • Trading Basics
  • How to create your trading strategy in Python
  • Backtesting your trading strategy
  • Evaluating strategy performance
  • Machine Learning in Trading

Course 4 : How to conduct Financial Research ?

  • How to do Financial Analysis of a company
  • Understanding Annual Report of a company
  • How to tell if a company is cooking it ’s Books
  • How to do Valuation of a Company and analysing the operating performance
  • How to analyse Management Quality
  • Final Checklist before Buying Stocks and how to monitor the portfolio
  • When to Sell


Course Instructors

Sourabh Sisodiya

Sourabh Sisodiya is the Co-Founder at Quantify Capital, a quantitative research firm with a
strong focus on building quantitative investment & trading models to generate stable and
consistent alpha.
He has previously worked across Equity research, Derivatives trading and Financial analysis.
He is an alumnus of S.P.I.T and completed his Bachelor of Engineering (B.E.) in Information
Technology. He has completed all the levels of the CFA(Chartered Financial Analyst)
program, most sought after ​ designations for investment professionals. ​ He is also an NSE
Certified Market Professional (NCCMP) from the National Stock Exchange of India Limited.
His team have launched a new fintech venture “Finsense” with a mission to spread Financial
Literacy across the country



Hitul Mistry

Hitul Mistry is the Founder of Digiqt Technolabs, a technology consultancy who is helping
clients across the globe in solving their business problems with cutting edge technology.
He has 7+ years of experience in development of large scale enterprise mission-critical and
fault tolerance applications in e-commerce, insurance, finance, medical devices, IOT
domains. He helps startups and corporates in solving their technology engineering
He has worked with Coverfox Insurance, Kotak Securities and other cutting edge startups.
He is building next generation algorithmic trading platform for Quantify Capital. He has
presented a talk at EuroPython 2015, Bilbao, Spain and PGConf 2018, India.