ITSD23 – Introduction to Game Development

About the course

Game design is a large field, drawing from the fields of computer science/programming, creative writing, and graphic design. Game designers take the creative lead in imagining and bringing to life video game worlds. Game design is a subset of the field of video game development. Game design is a field with a broad focus.
As such, the skills of a game designer are drawn from the fields of computer science and programming, creative writing and graphic design. Game designers take the creative lead in imagining and bringing to life video game stories, characters, gameplay, rules, interfaces, dialogue and environments. This being the case, a game designer is a cross between a writer, artist and programmer. It is an individual who presents a comprehensive artistic vision, while also possessing the technical skill to oversee and contribute to programming, image rendering, level design, digital editing and other construction aspects of game design.

This training will be an intensive 40 hours course that will involve the design and implementation of various aspects of Game Designing. This course will involve mini-project and one main course project.

Programming Skill

Course Outcomes:

  1. Ability to use different Game Engines
  2. Ability to program using Unity game engine
  3. Ability to design interactive game and deployment in android platform
  4. Ability to develop a game using Unity game engine

Course Instructors

Name: Taral Patel
Company Tap Cube Studios
Designation: Co-Founder



Name: Dinesh Iyer
Company: Tap Cube Studios
Designation: Lead Programmer and Designer



Course Layout:

    • Session 1: Basic Programming with OOPS
    • Session 2: Introduction to Unity Game Engine + Unity Engine with Basics
    • Session 3: Vector Mathematics and Physics in Unity
    • Session 4: Introduction to User Interface and Deploying in Android Platform
    • Session 5: Self-Study
      • Study Different Game Engines
      • Analyse a game and fix its flaws and bugs.
    • Session 6: Project : Develop a Game

All study materials will be provided in form of links in form of articles and reference videos that we take help of.


Course Co-ordinator #1

Prof. Rupali Sawant
Assistant Professor



Course Co-ordinator #2

Prof. Varsha Hole
Assistant Professor