Module 3 – Understanding Stock Markets & Investments in Securities


Purv Shah is an independent equity market consultant and a financial markets trainer. His areas of training and content development are mainly Equity and Derivative Markets. He is reputed for delivering hands-on experience of the Capital Markets by role plays, simulations and activities to facilitate learning.

His clients are BSE, FTKMC, MCX, Department of Direct Taxes, GoI, Mphasis, Reliance Money, ICICI Direct etc. He is a reputed Capital Market trainer and mentor.


Sangeeta Pandit is a chartered accountant and has done her doctorate in management. She was in CA practise for more than two decades and has now diversified to academics, training and consultancy. She is closely associated with the activities of ICAI, BCAS, BSE Brokers Forum and CII IWN. She has conducted customized corporate training assignments and is a visiting faculty at US universities. She is an Independent Director in listed companies and is head of department of finance at SIMSREE B-school.


Financial Planning

  • Portfolio Management Process
  • Identification of Risks, Measuring and Managing Risk
  • Investment Characteristics of Assets, Efficient frontier and Investment’s Optimal Portfolio
  • Portfolio Planning and Construction

Market Analysis

  • Instruments traded in money and capital markets
  • Role of derivative securities: systematic risk and other contemporary issues in the financial system.
  • Derivative products

Stock & Shares

  • Fundamental Analysis
  • Technical Analysis
  • Efficient Markets
  • Stock and Bond Valuation Models
  • Futures and options