ETSD23: Programming in Scilab/MATLAB-I

Course Co-ordinator:
Prof. Sukanya A Kulkarni
Associate Professor
EXTC Dept., S.P.I.T

Schedule: 8th – 23rd Sept. 2017 ( Friday 4pm -6pm and Saturday10am-5 pm)

Contact for Enrolment
Prof. Sukanya A Kulkarni

Prof. Lynette Tuscano

The course, intended for students with no programming experience, provides the foundations of programming in MATLABĀ®. Variables, arrays, conditional statements, loops, functions, and plots are explained. Functions related to Linear Algebra and Signal Processing tool box will be covered.At the end of the course, students should be able to use MATLAB in their own work.

The course mostly follows the official MATLAB Manual, available from The MathWorks.

The Course Structure will be of 40 hours including pre-lab session, hands on and mini project. This course will teach the learners how to use MATLAB efficiently.

Course Outcomes
Student will be able to

  1. Develop programs in MATLAB
  2. Evaluate, analyze and plot results.
  3. Perform mathematical Modelling in MATLAB
  4. Good understanding of Linear algebra and Signal processing concepts

Course Instructor

Prof. Sukanya A kulkarni

Prof. Lynette Tuscano

Course Layout

10 hours self learning, 20 hrs Hands on session( 1 session=2 hours) and 10 hours miniproject.

  • Session 1 : Basic commands ,Expressions, Indexing
  • Session 2 : Matrices manipulation-I
  • Session 3 : Matrices manipulation-II
  • Session 4 Data Analysis
  • Session 5 : Graphics and plotting
  • Session 6 :Polynomials and Symbolic functions
  • Session 7 : Numerical Methods
  • Session 8: Calculus
  • Session 9 : SignalProcessing Toolbox
  • Session 10 : Linear algebra using MATLAB