Linux System Administration

Why Learn Linux?

  • Internet, Super Computers, Smart Devices, Space Technologies, Corporation’s , Credit Card Systems, Sensor Devices , Submarine, Watches , Networking , Raspberry Pi, and over a billion Smartphones is powered by Linux.
  • With rise of IoT(Internet of Things) , Linux is definitely a mandatory skill needed to survive in Technology domain in coming years
  • Recruiters prefer ease to work in Linux environment as an essential skill*over other skills in the domain. Linux background provides tremendous *job opportunities
  • Top tier companies such as Google, Facebook, IBM, Oracle and many other work with Linux or either of its UNIX based derivatives
  • Major Foreign Universities , IITs and IISc widely use Linux environments for Desktop Computing and consider Linux knowledge as key prerequisite for the course


  •  100% Hands-On Experience Courses
  • Certificate Course
  • Additional lab exercises
  • Individualized learning experience that best fits with your current background and skill level. (One-Student-One-Computer)

Course Content:
Course covers Linux OS Essentials, System Administration, Network Administration,
Server and Security Administration,Troubleshooting & Other nitty gritties of working in Linux Environment . Exposure to Popular GNU/Linux Distributions will be given such as Debian, Ubuntu, Red Hat, Fedora , Slacko, etc

Course Layout: Session:1-18

  1. Linux Commands:Work Effectively on the Unix Command Line
  2. Perform Basic File Management
  3. Create Partitions and Filesystems
  4. Control Filesystem Mounting and Unmounting
  5. Installation of Linux, Mutiboot environment
  6. Linux Booting, boot loader management (Grub,lilo etc)
  7. User administration
  8. Software Management (Repository Server)
  9. Backup and restore (Tar, ISO methods)
  10. Automate and scripting (Shell Scripting, scheduling,rsync etc)
  11. Process Management
  12. Memory management
  13. Kernel compilation
  14. Network Administration
  15. Server Administration (Apache Web server, FTP,SSH, NFS,DNS, Sendmail etc)
  16. Security Administration (Firewall,IDS, OS Hardening)
  17. Network Troubleshooting using tcpdump and Wireshark
  18. Rescue environment

Who Should attend:

  1. Engineering students and staff.
  2. System/Network Administrators
  3. Network Analyst/Manager
  4. System/Web Developers

About the Instructors:

Prof Dayanand Ambawade has over 20 years of experience in Linux & Networking and has been author of two popular books, namely, Linux Lab and Advanced Computer Networks. He is a passionate Teacher and known for his discrete methodology of teaching.
You can find his complete profile here:


Prof. Manish Parmar has more than 26 years of experience in Microprocessors and Microcontrollers and Computer Architecture.

You can find his complete profile here: